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Sunday, 19 August 2012
Scrabble tiles are a fun addition to photos.  I have used them in family photos, newborn photos, maternity photos, and of course wedding photos.  Here are a few photographs incorporating Scrabble tiles with wedding rings from a recent wedding.


I love you scrabble tiles

Soulmates Scrabble Tiles

Forever Scrabble Tiles

I do Scrabble Tiles

And for the Ohio State Fan Bride and Groom...

Ohio State Wedding Ring

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Sunday, 20 May 2012
If you are planning a wedding, Pinterest is a great tool to organize your ideas.  If you haven't heard of Pinterest, it is the latest on-line social networking site.  The other day I read that it is rivaling Facebook for the amount of time users spend on the site.  Yes, it is addicting!  If you are not on Pinterest yet, I will show you the basics.

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest allows users to "pin" information found on the Internet to "boards".  When you are browsing on the Internet, and come across something you want to remember, you can pin it to one of your boards.  The pin is basically a bookmark that lets you return to that site.  No more wasting ink printing all of those pages!

Joining Pinterest

To join Pinterest, you need to have an invite.  You can either request one from the site itself, or have one of your friends send you an invite.  Once you have the invite, you create an account.  They require you have either a Facebook or Twitter account to join.  They do this just to be sure you are a real person.  Once your Pinterest account is created, you can unlink your Facebook or Twitter account.

Pinterest Login in Screen Shot

Once you have created your account, the login looks like this.

Creating an Account

You can upload a profile photo as with other social networking sites, and follow your friends pins.  If has a feature to find your Facebook friends.  My profile page looks like this.

Pinterest Profile Page

Okay, so now that you have an account up and running, it's time to pin!  I use Firefox which has an add on that creates a "Pin it" button for the bookmarks bar.  When browsing the Internet, if I see something I want to pin, I just hit the "Pin it" button and it goes right to my Pinterest account.


You can create a board to organize your pins.  This is what boards look like.

Each board will contain your pins.  This is what makes Pinterest perfect for wedding planning!  Some of my boards include:

Wedding Gowns

Pinterest Wedding Gowns Screenshot

Bridal Bouquets

Pinterest Bridal Bouquet Screenshot

Wedding Decor

Wedding Cakes

Pinterest Wedding Cake Screenshot


Unlike Facebook, following people on Pinterest is not limited to people you know.  Anyone can follow anyone.  It's not as scary as it sounds.  The people who follow you do not have access to any information about you, except what you put in your profile.  People follow pinners with common interest so they can find great pins.

Tip of the Day

If you follow someones boards, and they have a few that do not interst you, you can "unfollow" specific boards.  Unfollowing a board is not like unfriending someone on Facebook.  They won't know you did, and they would not be offended if they knew.  It's okay to unfollow!

Finding Pins

Pinterest lets you browse by category to find pins you are interested in.  Here is a shot of categories.  Note the "Wedding and Events" category!

The great thing about Pinterest is all of the ideas you can find that you normally may miss.  It is an incredible community of people interested in the same things you are. 

Second Tip of the Day

Martha Stewart Weddings is on Pinterest!  Score!  Most of the bridal magazines are pinners! 

That's It!

So, I hope this information is helpful.  If you would like to follow my Pinterest pins, click the link to find me.  Karen Webb Photography on Pinterest.  Also, if you see any of the images in the screenshots that interest you, you can get to the original content from the pins on my boards. 

I hope the information has been helpful!  Happy planning and pinning!


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Wednesday, 02 May 2012
When viewing my galleries it is clear I have a love of umbrellas.  The idea first came to me while watching my idol, Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face for the 100th time.  The beautiful image of her in Paris with the balloons is one of my favorites.  The glorious sea breeze in Myrtle Beach makes balloons a bit difficult, so I gravitated toward the umbrella.  I have used them several times, and have especially grown to love the red umbrella on the beach.  The pop of red against the blues and tans of the beach are wonderful.  Here are a few of my favorite umbrella photos.

Beach Wedding Jumping

Beach Wedding Bride and Groom

Bridal Party Jumping

Beach Wedding Couple Red Umbrella Beach Wedding

Bride and Groom jumping

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Monday, 30 April 2012
Social media has become a part of daily life.  Some of us panic a little if we cannot get to a computer to check Facebook, Twitter, and the rest.  Yes, I am one of them!  The beauty of social networking is the amount of information people share about the topics we love.  Weddings are a major topic on most social  networking sites.  I love to follow fellow wedding industry professionals to see the latest news. 

I have been on Facebook for years, but had a hard time adjusting to Twitter.  I have recently found an appreciation for Twitter because of all of the great blog posts and articles shared.  Google+ is the newest addition.  I love Google+!  It is the photographer's dream of social networking.  Photography is the second most popular occupation listed on Google+.  You know what that means!  Photos, photos, photos!

I mainly follow, like, friend, circle, (etc) wedding professionals, and like to share the great information I find.  Wedding tips, ideas, trends, planning, and stories abound in the social networks.  If you would like to join in the #wedding goodness, my social networking links are (There are a few!)



Google +

(Pinterest blog post coming soon!)



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Sunday, 29 April 2012
I haven't had much time to devote to my blog lately, because we are in the height of booking season.  I just wanted to take a moment to give a little piece of advice to brides.  Wedding planning can be stressful if you let it get away from you.  Just remember it is your wedding!  Advice from friends and family can be priceless when it is needed, but don't let it overwhelm you.  Remember, it is your day! 

If you find yourself feeling people are trying to take over your planning, just politely thank them for the advise, and let them know it is already taken care of.  If hearing, "You know what you should do..." is making your head spin, just stop listening.  Your friends and family are just trying to make the day perfect for you, but only you can decide what you really want.  If Aunt Susie tells you that you just have to have hot pink and yellow for your colors, thank her for the advise, and tell her you have already picked the colors.  If you really haven't quite decided yet, just say you are keeping it a secret.  De-stress your planning by taking over. 

I'll say it one more time, It's your day!


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Saturday, 14 April 2012
It's beach wedding season!  One of the many joys of living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the opportunity to photograph beach weddings.  Beach weddings can range from casual to formal, or intimate, to grand.  Bridal attire can range from a gown to a sundress.  Grooms can were a tuxedo or shorts.  The ocean, sand dunes, sun, and beach create the perfectly romantic setting for a wedding.  A beach wedding can be anything you want it to be.







One of my favorite moments occurred with this lovely couple.  While we were taking the after-ceremony photos, I heard someone behind me say, "Congratulations" to the couple.  The photo below shows their reaction.  When I asked them what happened, she said, "That was Andie McDowell!"  (actress and Carolina native).  She didn't turn around again, so I only got her walking away.  Fun moment!

Andie McDowell

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Saturday, 03 December 2011
Trash the dress is a fun trend that has become very popular.  Why pack away your wedding dress never to be seen again?  Trash the dress is an artistic display of your gown.  The contrast of a beautiful white dress against an urban setting, a field, or the ocean creates amazing images.  The beautiful beaches of South Carolina provide the perfect location for a trash the dress session. 



Previous Posts

More Wedding Tips and Trivia
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011
Wedding etiquette can be confusing and overwhelming.  Am I supposed to do this, or that?  Often the questions do not come up until the rehearsal.  The little details of where does Mom sit, or what do I do with my engagement ring, are not a major part of the wedding planning.  When the day arrives, the little details can put the calmest bride over-the-edge.  Ultimately, it is your day, so you can do whatever you want to do.  If you like to follow tradition, here is a small list of some of the common questions that most people do not know the answer to. 

Wedding rings on bible making heart shadow

Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is placed on the right hand before the ceremony begins.  The wedding band should be the first ring on the finger.  After the ceremony, the engagement ring is placed on top of the wedding band.

Left or Right?
Traditionally the bride is on the left and the groom is on the right.  This includes the seating of the guests, the walk down the aisle, and the positions at the alter.  It is acceptable for guests to sit on either side if the guest lists are unbalanced.  Jewish ceremonies are reversed, the bride is on the right and the groom is on the left.

Processional Order

Maid of Honor
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Recessional Order

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Maid of Honor and Best Man
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Arriving at the Alter

The father of the bride turns back the bride's veil.  The father of the bride places the brides hand in the grooms.

Seating of Parents

If the parents of the bride or groom are divorced and remarried, both parents sit in the first row along with the new spouses.  If they are not comfortable sitting that close, the mother and her new husband sit in the first row, and the father and his new wife sit in the second row.

Receiving Line

If a reception follows the ceremony, a receiving line is not necessary.  Many modern brides do not have a receiving line.  If there will not be a reception, a receiving line should be used to thank guests for attending.

Twitter and Facebook

I am adding this tidbit because we are in the age of technology.  I found this and thought it was a little amusing.  Is it okay to tweet or facebook the wedding?  According to Anna Post (The Emily Post Institute) it is not okay during the ceremony, but after is fine.  The obvious question is, who are we tweeting to?  The people who were not invited?  Use caution.


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Monday, 21 November 2011
Weddings are planned around many traditions and customs.  Some brides choose to include all of the customs and some choose to include a few.  One custom that seems to span most weddings is the bridal bouquet.  Where did the custom begin?

The bridal bouquet dates back to ancient times where brides carried aromatic herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits.  Queen Victoria replaced the herbs with fragrant flowers.  Thank you, Queen Victoria!  The tradition among the Royals is to include a sprig of myrtle in the bridal bouquet.  Queen Victoria was given a myrtle plant by Prince Albert's grandmother.  Queen Victoria's daughter (also Victoria) was the first to carry a sprig from this plant.  The plant still exists today and was a part of Duchess Kate Middleton's bouquet.

Today, brides choose flowers for color or sentiment.  Some brides choose color schemes based on the flower they want to include in the bouquet, others choose the flowers based on the color scheme.  If I were designing a bouquet for myself, I would include lily-of-the-valley because it reminds me of my grandmother. 

Why do brides almost always carry a bouquet?  Quite simply, girls love flowers!  We do!

Bride with colorful bouquet

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